Dental Implants

What Affects The Longevity Of Implants?

Dental implants look and feel exactly like your original set of teeth. Not only can implant procedures enhance the appearance of your teeth, but also improve their functioning. Do you want to discover if dental implants are long-lasting? Our dentists at Rio Grande Valley Implant will tell you about the factors that affect the longevity of implants in this blog.

What Are Dental Implants?

Let’s take a look at what dental implants are before we get into other related information. Dental implants are replacements for your natural tooth roots that are usually attached to your jawbone. An artificial crown will be attached to the implant by your Pharr dentist. It fuses with your bone over time, forming a solid basis for the artificial teeth. This helps you chew more effectively while also protecting your teeth from further damage. 

Factors That Affect The LifeSpan Of Implants?

Dental implants are expected to last for at least 25 years, if not more. As long as you properly care for them, this is feasible. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the longevity of your dental implant is affected by a variety of factors. For a better understanding, the top dentist in San Diego has compiled a list of factors.

Your Oral Care Routine

Your implants will survive longer if you follow proper oral hygiene habits. Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is necessary if you want your implants to last longer. Consult your dentist in Pharr if you wish to step up your dental hygiene routine.

Lifestyle & Diet

People who smoke and drink alcohol are more likely than others to experience implant failure. As a result, to get the most out of your dental implants, you should avoid alcohol and cigarettes. You should also follow a healthy diet which will make your teeth stronger and also speed up the osseointegration process.

Your Dentist’s Experience

If your dental implant procedure is performed by a highly-qualified Pharr dentist, then your implants are likely to last longer. Dental hygienists are the best people to judge the condition of your implants. Your dentist in Pharr will help you in properly caring for your implants so that they survive longer.

The Site Of Surgery

The lifespan of your implants is affected by the area of your oral cavity where the implant is installed. Implants placed in the back of the mouth, for example, will withstand higher chewing pressure than those placed in the front. As a result, the implant in the back of the mouth will require frequent replacements

Pressure You Put On Your Teeth

Chewing on hard objects can cause your dental implants to wear out faster. Avoid putting too much pressure on your teeth. Do not open any hard items with your teeth. Do not chew with much force.

We hope this information has helped you to make better decisions when it comes to your dental implants. Book an appointment with us at Rio Grande Valley Implant if you are looking for the best dental implants in Pharr, TX.